Your vehicle’s oil change is the most routine of routine maintenance, but it is one of the most important parts of keeping your car on the road.  This is especially true in and around Myrtle Beach where stop and go traffic, heat, and road conditions can put a real strain on your engine.

Check the owner’s manual for your recommended service schedule and to see if your driving habits are considered to be “severe service.” When it is time for your next oil change, stop by Turn Key Automotive and we can have you in and out in less than 25 minutes.

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Air Conditioning Service

Keep Cool On The Hot Summer Days

Did you know that without regular maintenance your car’s air conditioner will loose about 5% of its efficiency each year? This means that without proper maintenance, your air conditioning unit may be performing as poorly as other models that are years older! But there is good news: you can still recover most of that lost efficiency.

At Turn Key, we provide drivers in Myrtle Beach with fast, quality, and affordable vehicle air conditioning service.  Learn more and get a service coupon right here.


Routine Maintenance

Be proactive adn keep your car on the road

Every mile you drive puts wear and tear on your engine, brakes, tires, and all the other critical systems keeping your vehicle on the road.  Our routine car maintenance programs prevent you from having an unforeseen issue and save you money by avoiding costly issues.

Car repair in Myrtle Beach can get expensive and the best way to save on your repair bills is by fixing the small things… before they become big repairs. For more information, please contact us by calling (843) 293-6793 or by completing a quick quote request!


Myrtle Beach Tire Sales and Services

Myrtle Beach's Best Deals on New Tires

Tire Sales, Repair, and Installation in Myrtle BeachYour Tires are the only thing keeping you on the road, and ensuring your tires are in good shape is one of the most important (and easiest) thing a driver can do. Most quality tires will last at least 30,000 miles, some significantly more, but when they do wear out, it is time to have them replaced.  At Turn Key Auto Repair we offer several top brands such as Mastercraft and Cooper tires on hand, and can order any of the top brands in just a few days.

Best of all, we can meet or beat any price you find! For more information, please contact us by calling (843) 293-6793 or by completing a quick quote request!



Brake System Servicing

Brake Service At Great Prices

Don’t ignore that squeaky sound, get your brakes checked and serviced today!  Your car or trucks brakes are literally the most important safety system on your vehicle and you should have yours inspected at least once a year.

Here at Turn Key we inspect your brakes during your Rapid Oil Change, but when it is time for for repair, our ASE certified auto repair technicians can identify and fix your brake issues and get you back on the road quickly.

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Complete Engine Diagnostics

Troubleshooting Advanced Electronic Systems

Your modern vehicle’s engine is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment. The days of your father’s gas-guzzler are long gone—instead, Federal Exhaust Emission and Fuel Economy regulations demand that today’s vehicles be equipped with electronic engine control systems, to curb carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency. With technically-advanced control systems taking the place of simple engine components, common maintenance services such as tune-ups are also a thing of the past. Regular services (such as spark plug and filter replacements) are still required, as well as a computerized analysis of your vehicle’s control computer.

Transmission Maintenance

Helping you get that power to the wheels

For those of you who aren’t mechanically-savvy, you probably still understand that transmission problems are among the most expensive repairs required for your vehicle. That’s because your transmission is a complex system of gears that transmit mechanical power to your engine, ultimately determining the rate of speed you travel. Transmissions convert this power from the engine so that it can supply high torque at low speeds, in addition to selecting which gears are appropriate based on the driving conditions.

Transmission problems typically arise when regular service is neglected. When fluids aren’t properly changed, heat caused from mileage friction results in rough shifting, accelerated wear, and even complete failure. That’s why it’s essential that you turn to us to make sure that your transmission is lubricated and cooled by the finest quality transmission fluids, installed by our service professionals.

At Turn Key, we know how expensive and stressful transmissions issues can be.  That’s why we take the time to walk you through the issues, costs, and best solutions to get your car or truck back on the road.

Exhaust Services

Better performance, cleaner air

Your exhaust system is more than a muffler. It is a series of pipes that run under your car, connected to your muffler and catalytic converter. The main function of your exhaust system is to control noise and to funnel exhaust fumes away from passengers.

The exhaust system also converts pollutants into less harmful byproducts, reduces the noise of the engine, and directs exhaust gases so they can be used to heat air and fuel before they go into the engine’s cylinders to be burned. Finally, the exhaust system provides just the right amount of backpressure into the engine to improve its fuel-burning efficiency and increase performance.

You’ll know if you have exhaust system issues when your vehicle is running poorly and loudly.  Call Turn Key Automotive at (843) 293-6793 and we’ll help get you vehicle exhaust system running at peak performance.

Wheel Alignment

Extend your tire life & drive a saver car

Nothing will destroy your expensive tires like an alignment issue and at Turn Key Automotive we can ensure your wheels are perfectly true.  This both ensures your tires last as long as possible, but more importantly ensures you are safe on the road. Wheel alignment is the position of the wheels relative to your car. When properly aligned, the wheels point in the right direction. Without proper alignment, the wheels resist your steering commands, as well as each other. Alignment also affects gas mileage and tire wear. If your tires are pointed in different directions, they fight against each other and can cause tread wear.

Think you may have an alignment issue?  Call us for help at (843) 293-6793 or by completing a quick quote request! (more…)

CV & Drive Axle

Axle and CV inspection and repairs

Your axles and CV joints are literally the parts that are holding your car together. While Axle issues are unusual if you overload your car or truck or have experienced any collisions you can cause serious issues with either your vehicle’s axles, CV joints, or both.

Both your vehicle axles and CV joints are usually dependable, but, as is the case for all of your vehicle’s moving equipment, they do require regular inspection. An easy way for you to tell if you need to see us for axle repair is to go out to a large space (such as a parking lot), and slowly drive in tight circles. If you hear a clicking or cracking noise, you have a worn joint, and it must be repaired immediately.

We will have you back on the road, “click-free” in no time!

Suspension Service

A smooter ride is waiting for you

Bouncing around a bit too much on your daily commute?  The team at Turn Key Automotive can keep your vehicle’s suspension service tuned up to smooth out your ride.

Battery Replacement

Don't get stuck with a dead batery

Your car’s electrical system powers everything from the ignition and fuel systems to accessories such as your radio, headlights and wipers. The electrical system is, in turn, powered by the engine. When your battery is not healthy, you’ll experience slow starts, electrical issues and the worst thing possible… a dead battery.

Turn Key Automotive has some of Myrtle Beach’s best deals on car and truck batteries. We can help you choose the right battery for your vehicle and lifestyle. Our staff can safely and professionally install your battery and get you back on the road.

After Hours Drop Off

Drop your car off anytime, 24/7

You don’t have to rush to drop your vehicle off at Turn Key Automotive. Customers enjoy our convenient after-hours drop off to save time and have their car ready for service first thing the next morning.

For more information or to schedule service, please contact us by calling (843) 293-6793 or by completing an quick quote request!