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Tire Sales, Repair, and Installation in Myrtle BeachYour Tires are the only thing keeping you on the road, and ensuring your tires are in good shape is one of the most important (and easiest) thing a driver can do. Most quality tires will last at least 30,000 miles, some significantly more, but when they do wear out, it is time to have them replaced.  At Turn Key Auto Repair we offer several top brands such as Mastercraft and Cooper tires on hand, and can order any of the top brands in just a few days.

Best of all, we can meet or beat any price you find! For more information, please contact us by calling (843) 293-6793 or by completing a quick quote request!


Tire Repair and New Tires in Myrtle Beach

Free Wheel Alignment Coupon When You Purchase Tires in Myrtle Beach, SC

Your tires are the only thing between you and the road, so as you can imagine it is pretty important to make sure your tires are in good condition and will keep you safe.

Our expert team at Turn Key Auto Repair is here to help you determine the right tire for your vehicle and work with you to get the very best price possible. We offer a full catalogue of tires and can beat any price you find. Plus by having an expert on your side you can be assured you are getting the right tire at the right price.  Plus you’ll enjoy a free complete alignment when you purchase a set of tires from us.

Myrtle Beach Tire Buying Guide

All-Season Tires: All-season tires are the most common tires we install in Myrtle Beach and offer good traction, long life and a smooth ride.  You most likely already have all-season tires on your vehicle now and when it is time to replace we will likely recommend you stay with all-seasons.  However, all-season tires are not the ideal choice for all vehicles and drivers.  Depending on your driving habits you may be better suited to the other tire types below.

Three-Season Tires: Yes these are actually a thing, though we do not recommend them to our customers.  However if you are driving around in certain vehicles, namely Fiat 500’s, you may be surprised your tires are not designed for the wider temperature swings of Myrtle Beach. The good news is you can easily change out your three-season tires at Turn Key Auto Repair for more functional all-season tires.

All-Terrain Tires: If you’re in a truck or SUV it is very likely you are rolling on all-terrain tires.  These offer a great balance of on-road performance and off-road handling.  The more aggressive tread will better grip mild off-road conditions such as dirt roads, grass, and other slippery conditions.  But with any tire there are trade offs.  The more aggressive tread pattern is more prone to uneven wear and the on-road ride will be a bit rougher than an all-season tire.

Snow Tires: As you can imagine, snow tires are not very popular here in Myrtle Beach.  They do have a place and we do see these come into the shop, typically from visitors or new residents from the north.  Once the temperature gets below 45 degrees the rubber in typical tires get harder, slightly reducing traction and handling.  However snow tires actually get softer as it gets colder, improving overall handling in cold and wet driving.  Do you need snow tires? Our team can review your options, but in Myrtle Beach… probably not.

Mud Tires: If you need mud tires, you know you need mud tires.  These tires offer the ultimate off-road performance with deep treads that shed off mud, snow, and grime.  If you’re looking to push the capabilities of your four-wheel drive vehicle, a good set of mud tires will get you deep in, and back out, every time.  Unfortunately that off-road performance does come with a cost. Both financially, get ready to open up that wallet,  and in on-road handling with a rougher and louder ride.

All Purpose/Trail: All-Purpose (A/P) are an attempt to strike a balance between all-season and all terrain tires.  These general purpose tires are a good balance if you’re on the road and enjoy a little off-road driving as well.  Depending on your vehicle type these may be OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and we will likely recommend replacement with a similar tire if you are happy with performance.

Performance Tires: Looking to set a lap record in your Mustang Shelby GT500 or deliver an impressive quarter mile time?  Then you know you’ll need performance tires.  These deliver the ultimate on-road traction and handling to ensure all you car’s performance capabilities can be effectively delivered to the road.  These range from something as specialized as “racing slicks” to performance touring tires.

Specialty Tires: From farm and trailer tires to ATV and other tires, there is a solution to keeping your vehicle connected to the ground.  If you have a unique vehicle or need, stop by our shop in Myrtle beach and we can help you get the performance you need delivered!

Can we assist you?  Print out a money saving coupon for your tire service and come in for a visit.

Best of all, we can meet or beat any price you find! For more information, please contact us by calling (843) 293-6793 or by completing a quick quote request!

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