Why Do You Need An Oil Change?

Your car dashboard has that same annoying light again, it’s time for your six month, or 3,000 mile oil change.  But do you really need an oil change? It’s not as if your vehicle is burning oil, in fact your car us running great, so why bother taking it to the mechanic and spending money just to change our your oil?

Why your vehicle needs an oil change?

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, sure it burns fuel to go, but it bathes in oil to run smoothly. And just like a bath you would enjoy, draining the water in your tub and filling with fresh is pretty important.  Otherwise, you (and in this example your engine) will start to get pretty nasty.

Oil serves a critical role in your vehicle’s health.  Not only does it lubricate the moving parts of your engine, it also keeps your seals from drying and cracking and removes dirt and grime from your system.  All that dirt and grime has to go somewhere and your oil system’s job is to bind to those little pieces of junk and keep them from doing harm.  However, the oil in your car’s system can only handle so much before it starts becoming thick and gunky.  When your oil starts getting dirty, and going from a golden clear color to a dark black hue, it can no longer efficiently keep your engine running smoothly and clean.

That’s where your regular oil changes come in, by removing the old contaminated oil and replacing with fresh keeps everything in your car running in top condition.

When does your vehicle need an oil change?

Oil change At Turn Key AutomotiveThis is a very common question and one that will highly depend on your vehicles make and model.  A large diesel engine will need a different oil change schedule than a small four cylinder commuter car.  The best answer to how often you need to have an oil change is in your car or truck’s manual.  However it is a good rule of thumb to change your oil every 3,000  – 5,000 miles or every six months.

Oil change frequency also depends on you driving conditions and habits.  Remember oil’s job is to lubricate and sweep away dirt and grime, so if you’re driving in dusty/dirty conditions you will need to change more frequently than someone who simply drives highway conditions to and from work.

Lastly, the type of oil you use will dictate how often you visit the auto mechanic for a change.  Sure, conventional oil is cheaper and what you may be used to, but it often doesn’t last as long and not as efficient in binding to dirt and impurities in your engine.  Talk to your mechanic about switching to a synthetic oil  that will offer better performance and last longer.  In many cases, depending on your vehicle’s recommended service, an engine with synthetic oil may only need to have a change every 7,500 miles or more!  Yes, it’s more expensive during the oil change but saves money over time with less frequent changes and better/longer engine life.

How do you change your oil?

To be honest oil changes are very easy and mechanics, such as the ones at Turn Key Automotive, will complete several in any given day and thousands each year.  Many people try to change their own oil and you can too, after making sure you have the right tools, filters, replacement oil, and a plan for disposing of old oil.  However even the most seasoned “car guys” will often bring their cars into the shop for a change.

Why? Well for the cost, only $24.99 for an oil change at Turn Key Automotive in Myrtle Beach, and just a half hour of time a certified mechanic can put your car on a lift, grab the needed oil and filters off the rack, drain and replace your oil, and dispose of your old oil properly.  At the same time any good mechanic will also perform a multi-point inspection and filter check to ensure everything else on your vehicle is running as it should.

Ready to get your oil changed?

Hopefully you see why getting an oil change is so important.  If that light on your dash is telling you it’s time, consider contacting the ASE certified auto mechanics at Turn Key Automotive.  Before you call us, check our our car repair coupons and save on your next oil change!

Have more questions?  Just call us at (843) 293-6793 and we can answer all your questions and make schedule an appointment that’s convenient to you.

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