What Does 1234YF Refrigerant Mean For Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System?

Turn Key Auto Repair Offers 1234YF Service

A big change has been taking place in automotive technology over the past several years as it relates to air conditioning. Gone are the days of FREON and 134r refrigerant, which would cause significant damage to our environment when leaked. The new refrigerant is called 1234yf practically solves the environmental concerns with vehicle air conditioning systems. Though it does come with a cost…

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5 Ways To Keep Your Car Running In The Summer Heat

Summer can be a tough time on a car.  The 100+ degree temperatures, the stop and go traffic and salty conditions make Myrtle Beach a rough environment on a vehicle.  After decades in business, Turn Key Auto Repair has found that if your car or truck is not ready for summer, sooner or later you’ll be on the side of the road.  In our area, it’s not just the heat, but also the traffic.  Sitting in stop and go traffic puts extra stress on your engine, breaks, and cooling systems.  Then, add the humid summer heat and you’ve got a recipe for trouble.  This is why keeping up with your vehicle scheduled maintenance in Myrtle Beach is so important. Here’s 5 ways to make sure you car is never stuck on the side of the road this summer.

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Everything You Need To Know About ASE Certified Mechanics In Myrtle Beach

Turn Key Auto Repair is An ASE Certified Mechanic In Myrtle Beach

What does the term “ASE Certified” mean when looking for a Myrtle Beach mechanic? It means that the mechanic you have working on your car or truck has years of on-the-job experience as well as completed a series of challenging tests to ensure that you’re in competent hands. An ASE certification, through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence gives you the peace of mind that your car will be serviced the right way. Turn Key’s mechanics in Myrtle Beach are all ASE certified, keep reading to see what it’s all about.

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Car Brake Repair: Everything You Need To Know

Full Service Myrtle Beach Car Brake Repair

Myrtle Beach’s stop and go traffic can be very tough on a car brake systems. Every time your foot touches the brake peddle you add a little wear and reduce the life of your brakes. This is why it’s important to understand how your vehicle’s system works, the signs of wear, and when to get your car in to see our Myrtle Beach mechanics to fix any issues.

Step one is if you are having a hard time stopping, hearing scraping or grinding, or feel your car getting pulled to one side when breaking, stop reading this and give us a call at (843) 293-6793 or make an appointment at Turn Key Auto Repair. You may have a safety issue on your hands.

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Does My Vehicle Need A Tune Up ?

Is your car or truck not running quite right, but you can’t quite put your finger on what’s wrong. We often have customers come in saying they just need a “tune up.” Well, we’re here to say that the “tune-up” is largely a thing of the past. Yes it was a critical part of your vehicle’s maintenance back in the analogue days & when every car had a carburetor, but now that everything is computer controlled, a tune up is a thing of the past.

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Myrtle Beach Preventative Car Maintenance Guide

Simple steps you can follow to keep your car on the roads. By Turn Key Auto Repair In Myrtle Beach

We love it when you come in to visit us at Turn Key Auto Repair in Myrtle Beach. Helping fix your car and being your trusted mechanic is what we are all about. However, we would prefer you just stop by for a cup of free coffee instead of a costly vehicle repair. This comprehensive guide will outline all the preventative care to keep your car or truck on the road. Follow this guide, read your vehicle’s specific manual, and visit us for your routine maintenance and you’ll enjoy many happy, worry-free years with your car or truck.

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How To Keep Your Car Clean And Sanitary

Between COVID-19, the flu, and other germs; keeping your car clean and sanitary has never been more important. Unfortunately cars are notorious for transmitting germs and bacteria. The good news is by taking a few simple precautions you can make your car or truck a safe space against COVID or any other disease that comes up down the Myrtle Beach road.

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5 Car Noises That You Don’t Want To Ignore

Cars make noises, that’s not something new. However as the driver of a car it is your responsibility to know the good noises of today’s modern vehicles from the unusual sounds that signal a potential breakdown. Just about every breakdown that occurs, short of a flat tire, has tell-tale warning signs that can help you prevent a roadside disaster.

While we all enjoy cranking up the tunes while we drive, it is a good idea to turn the volume down a bit to listen to your car or truck. Why? Two reasons… First, you will get acquainted with what your vehicle “should” sound like when running properly. Secondly it will let you pick up on odd sounds (like the ones below) that will necessitate a call to your mechanic. We’d recommend and appointment at Turn Key Auto Repair, but you make that call.

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Don’t Fall For These Fake Car Life Hacks

Sandpaper under your windshield wipers, replacing blinker fluid, screws in tires for traction… These fake life hacks for your car are pretty funny, but very dangerous and should never be attempted.

Let’s take a look at the most popular fake car life hacks and the experts at Turn Key Auto Repair will explain what’s wrong and why you should NEVER attempt them.

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Are Battery Jump Starter Packs Worth It?

Make Battery Jump Starters Part Of Your Vehicle's Emergency Kit

It used to be standard to have a set of jumper cables in your vehicle, but today drivers are moving more and more toward battery jump starter packs. These handy devices allow you to jump yourself should you end up with a dead car or truck battery.

But the question remains? Are they worth it, or are you better sticking with the tried and true jumper cables?

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