Don’t Fall For These Fake Car Life Hacks

Sandpaper under your windshield wipers, replacing blinker fluid, screws in tires for traction… These fake life hacks for your car are pretty funny, but very dangerous and should never be attempted.

Let’s take a look at the most popular fake car life hacks and the experts at Turn Key Auto Repair will explain what’s wrong and why you should NEVER attempt them.

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Are Battery Jump Starter Packs Worth It?

Make Battery Jump Starters Part Of Your Vehicle's Emergency Kit

It used to be standard to have a set of jumper cables in your vehicle, but today drivers are moving more and more toward battery jump starter packs. These handy devices allow you to jump yourself should you end up with a dead car or truck battery.

But the question remains? Are they worth it, or are you better sticking with the tried and true jumper cables?

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Does My Car Need A Wheel Alignment?

Wheel Alignment At Turn Key Auto Repair

Myrtle Beach’s roads can be tough on your car or truck and your wheels bear the brunt of the harsh conditions. In fact it is very common for a vehicle to become slightly out of alignment after just a year or less. You don’t have to worry though, vehicle alignments are a simple process and the state-of-the-art systems at Turn Key Auto Repair can diagnose and align your car or truck quickly and affordably.

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Is Your Vehicle Winter-Ready: Preventive Car Maintenance Guide

Are you ready for the winter weather and your upcoming holiday vacations?  Whether you are driving in and around MyrtleBeach, or going on a longer road trip, your local mechanics at Turn KeyAutomotive have several tips for you to get you and your vehicle ready for winter.

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Building Your Car Disaster Kit

Being prepared for when live doesn’t go quite right is a critical part of being a safe driver and living a prepared life. This is definitely true here in Myrtle Beach were we are in crosshairs of hurricanes for several months throughout the year.  Many area residents know the importance of a good car disaster kit.  Not only will having a car disaster kit help when a storm is off the coast, it will also help the day-to-day little disasters that you face.

There are are already countless sources for good ideas for how to start and what to include in a disaster kit. offers some great advice as to what to include in a car disaster kit, as well as what should be included in a general at home disaster kit.

In this article we are going to build a typical kit you might find from and then add in several items we at Turn Key Automotive feel should be in every car disaster kit.

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Don’t Ignore That Check Engine Light

When your Check Engine light comes on it’s not a suggestion and it’s not a reason to cover up the light with a piece tape either.  Typically your vehicle, especially newer cars and trucks, will very clearly tell you what you need to do, be it low tire pressure, oil change time, door ajar, and more. However at times, you will see the dreaded check engine light… What does that mean though?  Are you about to be hit with hundreds of dollars in car repairs?

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5 Ways To Keep Your Car Running In The Summer Heat

Summer can be a tough time on a car.  The 100+ degree temperatures, the stop and go traffic and salty conditions make Myrtle Beach a rough environment on a vehicle.  After decades in business, Turn Key Automotive has found that if your car or truck is not ready for summer, than sooner or later you’ll be on the side of the road.  In our area, it’s not just the heat, but also the traffic.  Sitting in stop and go traffic puts extra stress on your engine, breaks, and cooling systems.  Then, add the humid summer heat and you’ve got a recipe for trouble.  This is why keeping up with your vehicle scheduled maintenance is so important. Here’s 5 ways to make sure you car is never stuck on the side of the road this summer.

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Why Do You Need An Oil Change?

Oil changes At Turn Key Automotive

Your car dashboard has that same annoying light again, it’s time for your six month, or 3,000 mile oil change.  But do you really need an oil change? It’s not as if your vehicle is burning oil, in fact your car us running great, so why bother taking it to the mechanic and spending money just to change our your oil?

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Is Your Vehicle In Need Of An Air Conditioning Check?

With another Myrtle Beach summer right around the corner, it’s time for you annual car air conditioning service check.  Why? Because oftentimes you won’t realize you have an air conditioning issue until the summer heat hits and you find yourself sweating behind the wheel.  The good news is a simple and fast AC system check up can identify any potential issues and give you time to get your car’s air conditioning system running at it’s peak before summer. Better yet, an AC check is fast and can be done at the same time as your next oil change.

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Myrtle Beach Spring Car Care

Spring in Myrtle Beach can be tough on both a car’s exterior and interior.  The ever changing weather can make the roads a mess and the arrival of the thick yellow pine pollen can make keeping your vehicle clean next to impossible.

So, now that the weather is getting nicer, the pollen is starting to subside, and beach season is right around the corner; how can you keep your car looking new?  The team at Turn Key Automotive has the car care guide specifically for Myrtle Beach.

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