Everything You Need To Know About ASE Certified Mechanics In Myrtle Beach

What does the term “ASE Certified” mean when looking for a Myrtle Beach mechanic? It means that the mechanic you have working on your car or truck has years of on-the-job experience as well as completed a series of challenging tests to ensure that you’re in competent hands. An ASE certification, through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence gives you the peace of mind that your car will be serviced the right way. Turn Key’s mechanics in Myrtle Beach are all ASE certified, keep reading to see what it’s all about.

Who is The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence?

The ASE was founded in 1972 as a non-profit designed to help improve the level of quality customers can expect from their mechanics. This is done by testing, certifying, and retesting every five years to make sure mechanics are up-to-date on the latest trends and technology in the auto repair world.

Example of An ASE Certified Sticker On a Mechanic Window.

An ASE Certification doesn’t just help out the customer, it also helps the repair shop such as Turn Key Auto Repair here in Myrtle Beach by providing an easy way to make sure all the mechanics are skilled and dedicated to providing great service. Prior to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence there really wasn’t a way for a car repair shop, or customers, to know who to hire. Now, all a customer needs to do is see the bright blue sticker on the shop window to know they’re in good hands.

What Does It Take To Become ASE Certified?

Getting an ASE certification is not an easy task, based on the data, one out of every three mechanics have to study and re-take the certification tests. A mechanic is not fully certified once they pass a test. Even if they were to ace a test, they still are required to have at least two years on-the-job training or one year on the job and two year degree. Also, a single certification is just the beginning, in total there are 52 total certifications including things such car & light truck, collision repair, medium-heavy truck, and so on. Primarily for the mechanic that will be working on your car they will specialize in car & light truck repair. This consists of the following 9 specific certifications:

  • Engine Repair
  • Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • Manual Drive Train & Axles
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Brakes
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Engine Performance
  • Light Vehicle Diesel Engines

Lastly, all ASE certified mechanics are not equal. When a mechanic, such as the ones at Turn Key Auto Repair here in Myrtle Beach, have completed all tests they become an ASE Master Technician. This mechanic is the best of the best and will ensure what ever issue your car or truck has, they can diagnose and fix the issue.

Now that you understand what it takes to become an ASE Certified mechanic, When it comes time for service, consider the Myrtle Beach mechanics at Turn Key Auto Repair. We offer fast service at a great rate and we’re always happy to take our time and walk you through any service needed. We’re not happy until you’re happy. Call us at (843) 293-6793 or make an appointment online today!

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