How To Keep Your Car Clean And Sanitary

Between COVID-19, the flu, and other germs; keeping your car clean and sanitary has never been more important. Unfortunately cars are notorious for transmitting germs and bacteria. The good news is by taking a few simple precautions you can make your car or truck a safe space against COVID or any other disease that comes up down the Myrtle Beach road.

Why Your Vehicle Could Be A Breading Ground For Bacteria and Germs

Keep Your Car Sanity From COVID and other germs.

Your car or truck is a garden of eden for bacteria, germs, and other nasty things that can make you sick. From a warm environment to the handful of fries you dropped between your seats, your car has all the ingredients for a thriving ecosystem of nasty. While you won’t often get sick from your car, it can help contribute to less-than-optimal health. In fact, there’s typically around 700 different strains of bacteria thriving in the average American car.

Why is your car such a bacteria and germ magnet? An example of just one day will make that clear.

You start your day grabbing a cup of coffee on your way out the door and then walk across a dirty driveway and step in. From there you spill just a bit of coffee in your cup holder and drive to work. On your way you stop to grab some gas. That gas pump is about 6,500 times dirtier than an elevator button! After pumping gas your dirty shoes step back in and you touch your steering wheel, radio, shifter, etc. While you’re at work those bacteria and germs are enjoying the warm moist air. Add some fast food, a spilled drink, dirty tissue and you’ve got the recipe for trouble.

The good news is there are a few simple steps you can take to make your car a cleaner, more sanitary, place to spend your time going from here to there.

  • Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your car and wipe down your hands after getting gas, food, or anything else. Pro tip: hand sanitizer bottles can expand in heat, so leave some room for expansion.
  • Try to be neat and avoid a lot of trash that can act like a petri dish.
  • Don’t eat in your car if you can avoid it. Even the neatest person can drop crumbs.
  • Keep some disinfectant wipes on hand to sanitize the dash, steering wheel, shifter and any other high-touch area.
  • Give your car a good bath from time to time, including the interior. Just a good vacuum, trash clean out, and wipe down can go a long way to a more sanitary car.
  • Keep the clutter to a minimum so you can easily wipe down all surfaces.
  • Looking to really get your car’s interior sanitary and clean, check out this article from Car & Driver on keeping your vehicle germ-free without harming it.

In Conclusion: Keep Your Car Sanitary, It Doesn’t Have To Be A Germ Factory

Our recommendation is keep your car clutter-free and clean by just taking a few simple steps. Having disinfectant wipes, some hand sanitizer, and avoiding eating will go along way to beating the germs in your car or truck, be it COVID, the flu, or just a nasty bacteria.

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