Myrtle Beach Spring Car Care

Spring in Myrtle Beach can be tough on both a car’s exterior and interior.  The ever changing weather can make the roads a mess and the arrival of the thick yellow pine pollen can make keeping your vehicle clean next to impossible.

So, now that the weather is getting nicer, the pollen is starting to subside, and beach season is right around the corner; how can you keep your car looking new?  The team at Turn Key Automotive has the car care guide specifically for Myrtle Beach.

Exterior Car Care

No doubt that the springtime pollen and dust have been hammering the exterior of your car or truck.  The solution, don’t worry so much about washing your car often since it’s only going to be covered in pollen again within hours.  Instead, follow these two steps to keep your vehicle looking new in Myrtle Beach.

A Good Wash & Wax: Before the spring kicks in, make sure you have a good wash and wax and your finish is in the best shape possible.  If you’re going to do the waxing yourself consider using your garage or other covered area.  This will keep your vehicle cooler, and away from dust and debris that can easily get caught in your vehicles finish while you’re waxing.

Better yet, invest a bit of money to have a professional do the job.  A good detail can cost upwards of $100, but will give you a professional look that is sure to impress.

From there, the pollen will often just blow right off when you drive, and if it doesn’t $5 and a quick drive through at a car wash will get you back to new in no time.

Lastly, one of the quickest ways to keep a car “looking” clean is keeping the tires shiny.  Products like Meguiar’s Tire Shine or Black Magic are easy to spray on and will get your tires looking new.  If you really need new tires, Turn Key Automotive can help there with our best prices on the top tire brands.

Interior Car Care

Pollen doesn’t stop at your exterior; it seems to infiltrate every square inch of your car here in Myrtle Beach.  The solution, just like your exterior, a bit of preventative maintenance before spring can really help.  While you are waxing your exterior, take sometime to condition your dashboard and seats.  This will help make clean up a breeze later on.  Then, one a week or so just wipe a clean damp cloth across your interior and you’re good to go.  Better yet, Armor All interior wipes are an easy way to keep your interior looking beautiful.

Myrtle Beach can be tough on cars and if you are having any issues your team at Turn Key Automotive are here to help you with repairs both big and small.  Can we help you, contact us today.

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