Winterize Your Vehicle With This Easy Checklist

It’s winter in Myrtle Beach, and that means cold! Well not always… with temperature swings from the blustery teens up to very comfortable 70s the Myrtle Beach weather can be just about anything in the winter. This can be just as tough on your car or truck as it is on you. Luckily while you can’t predict the weather, you can predict what your vehicle will need to survive this year’s winter. This checklist will give you all the tips and tricks to winterize your vehicle.

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Myrtle Beach Vehicle Winterizing Checklist


You know that winter is tough on engines and waking them up on a cold morning will often push your car battery to the limit. What you may not know is that the heat of a Myrtle Beach summer is what really damages your battery and prevents it from holding the full charge that it should. When winter rolls around and your car needs to pull all the energy it can to start, and if your battery is old or has been damaged, you’ll be sitting in the cold.

The good news is keeping your battery in shape is easy, before going into the winter have your mechanic check your battery charging system and overall battery health. If your battery is five or more years old, or starting to show signs of wear, replace it now. In fact with the harsh temperature swings in Myrtle Beach, replacing your car or truck battery every four years makes a lot of sense.

Engine Oil

Cold weather starts can be a lot safer on your engine with the proper oil. If you have not made the switch to a full synthetic oil, now is the perfect time. Synthetic oil flows more freely across the wide temperature swings and does not require warm up for optimum performance. At your next oil change, consider the switch and be ready for winter.


A frozen engine can be a nightmare that will not only cost you hours, but can also cause significant damage to your vehicle. The best way to prevent costly engine damage is to ensure your vehicle’s antifreeze is checked and ready to protect your vehicle. Begin by testing the antifreeze’s strength with an antifreeze tester, which will tell you the lowest temperature to which your engine is protected from freezing.

Check your coolant level often and ensure your antifreeze is at the proper level before the cold hits! The best news is when you have your vehicle serviced at Turn Key Automotive; we check this for you as part of your multi-point inspection.

Belts & Hoses

Your car or truck belts and hoses can fail in the cold weather. They’re primarily composed of rubber, which decomposes over time and loses flexibility in colder temperatures, making those near the end of their service life more prone to failure in colder temperatures. To prevent this from happening, you or your mechanic can examine the belts for signs of cracking along the belt’s sidewalls or for signs of irregular wear. If you plan on checking the hoses yourself, wait until the engine is cool and then feel along the length of each rubber hose for any soft spots or bulges – signs of impending failure. Even if there aren’t signs of wear, always follow the replacement intervals recommended in the owner’s manual for both belts and hoses.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are one of the cheapest and most noticeable improvements you can make to your vehicle as you head into winter. In fact, you should be replacing your wipers every six months. When you do replace your wipers, go for the newer beam style wipers that last longer, make better contact with the windshield, and work better year round.

While you are replacing your wipers, consider using a deicing solution in your wiper fluid reservoir. Something like Prestone De-Icer can do a great job helping melt that morning frost and get you on the road faster.


Tires really are the only thing connecting your car or truck to the road and if your tires are no up to the stresses of winter weather, you could be in for disaster! Make sure you have good four season tires with plenty of tread.  If you think your tires are not up to the challenges of winter, check out the wide selection of tires at Turn Key Automotive.

Passenger Comfort

As we head into winter don’t forget the most important part of any vehicle, the passengers. You can make winter a much more enjoyable time of year by getting the inside ready for cold weather. Here are a few items your car should have to make winter driving more enjoyable.

  • Ice scraper
  • Box of tissues
  • Rugged floor mats, such as the WeatherTech mats sold by Turn Key Automotive
  • Safety kit for those unexpected delays and issues. This should consist of warm blankets, flashlights, gloves, a few water bottles, and more.
  • Lastly, don’t forget your AAA card and other emergency contacts.

Not Sure How To Winterize Your Car?

Getting your car or truck ready for the cold can be easy.  Just call Turn Key Automotive at (843) 293-6793 or contact us and we can walk you through gettin your vehicle ready.  We can even handle your entire checklist while you relax in our comfortable waiting room

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