5 Ways To Keep Your Car Running In The Summer Heat

Summer can be a tough time on a car.  The 100+ degree temperatures, the stop and go traffic and salty conditions make Myrtle Beach a rough environment on a vehicle.  After decades in business, Turn Key Automotive has found that if your car or truck is not ready for summer, than sooner or later you’ll be on the side of the road.  In our area, it’s not just the heat, but also the traffic.  Sitting in stop and go traffic puts extra stress on your engine, breaks, and cooling systems.  Then, add the humid summer heat and you’ve got a recipe for trouble.  This is why keeping up with your vehicle scheduled maintenance is so important. Here’s 5 ways to make sure you car is never stuck on the side of the road this summer.


Cars, like your body, need to stay hydrated to run well.  Make sure all your fluids are topped off and regularly changed based on your vehicle’s owner’s manual.  This goes  beyond just your oil, which is obviously important.  making sure your coolant is in good shape.  You may not know it, but the coolant in your radiator will degrade and most late model cars should have theirs changed at 100,000 miles, and then ever 50,000 after that.  If you’re rolling around in a new car, you’re likely fine, however we do recommend a quick check to ensure your levels are good. The good news is with your scheduled maintenance every oil change at Turn Key Automotive also includes a free multi-point inspection where we check your fluids, along with other key vehicle systems.


Over time your vehicle’s air conditioning system can lose efficiency and will need to be “recharged.”  While you vehicle will run just fine with out an air conditioner, if you’ve ever driven around in Myrtle Beach without one you know it’s not a pleasant experience.  When your AC is running good, you can expect your car or truck to cool off within just a minute or so, and then keep you cool regardless of traffic conditions. Learn more about keeping your vehicle AC running in our article here.


Fresh air is critical to a well running vehicle and it one of the most common ailments for vehicles in Myrtle Beach.  Regular maintenance and cleaning of your air filter, cabin filter and other air cleaning systems will help your car run better and keep that AC working at it’s peak.  Don’t skimp on your air filters either, just like you fresh air keeps your car or truck healthy.  Consult your owners manual scheduled maintenance for how and when to replace or clean your filters.


100+ degree temperatures, humidity and salt can quickly wear down the belts and hoses in your vehicle.  Nothing will leave you stilling on the side of the road faster than a broken belt or cracked hose, so check them now before they let you down.


In the Myrtle Beach area there are a lot of cars on the road.  With everyone going to the fun place at the Beach, brakes become one of the critical components on your vehicle.  Low speed collisions are the number 1 traffic incident in our area and a good set of breaks will give you the few extra inches of stopping distance between a spilled cup of coffee and a call to your insurance company.  Breaks, like your AC, don’t also just “go out,” over time they slowly degrade in performance and it is very easy to fail to notice the warning signs.  Be sure to ask about the condition of your vehicle breaks on your next scheduled maintenance.  The great news is break services is not too expensive and doesn’t take a very long time at all.


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